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Our Products

At Ideal Race, we equip our customers with the highest quality and best engineered aftermarket software and hardware solutions. Using professional grade tools developed in-house and industry leading tools such as MoteC, we have created data analysis tools and loggers specific to the Alfa Romeo platform.

Our products improve drivability with intelligent safety component strategies in order to optimize vehicle performance for all driving and racing situations. Please explore the calibration and product options currently offered and be sure to check back for updates as more items become available.

Performance Software Calibrations

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV) 2.9L TTV6 MY2017-2021  $1,499
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio (QV) 2.9L TTV6 MY2017-2021  $1,499
  • Coming Soon! Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio 2.0L Turbo Multi-Air MY2017+ & Jeep Wrangler 2.0L Turbo – In Development

All Ideal Race calibrations have been thoroughly researched and developed. Prior to release, calibrations undergo a rigorous testing process using our all-wheel-drive Dynapack as well as track and road testing. Our calibrations produce enhanced engine performance and best-in-class power backed by data and results. Ideal Race holds the record for quickest and fastest Alfa QV with a time of 10.75 seconds in the ¼ mile at a speed of 129 miles per hour.     Ideal Race develops hardware products in conjunction with software calibrations to take your Alfa Romeo to the next level. We offer staged upgrade packages so you can receive the desired performance experience from your vehicle.

Stage 1 Calibration: This tune is optimized for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engines with no hardware modifications.
Stage 2 Calibration: This tune requires downpipes and is optimized for the Ideal Race Carbon Fiber Intake System.
Stage 3 Calibration: For use with IdealRace’s Hybrid turbo upgrade – In development.

This ECU is currently bench flash only. For an Ideal Race calibration, your vehicle’s ECU must be shipped to us for reprogramming. For ECU removal instructions, please use the.pdf available on our website or ask us and we will send the instructions via email. We ship ECUs back to customers using UPS Next Day Air at no additional cost. (applicable within the continental United States)   International customers please contact us for region specific solutions.   eric@idealrace.com


In addition to enhanced engine performance and increased power, here are additional features incorporated into all IdealRace calibrations:

Stop/Start Invert – Ideal Race pioneered this function. The factory included stop/start function is extremely irritating in stop-and-go traffic and increases bearing wear from excessive starting. With our calibration, the Stop/Start system defaults to the OFF position.

Left Foot Braking (LFB) – The factory drive-by-wire throttle and braking systems are very sensitive to LFB. Our calibration reduces sensitivity while retaining the factory safety feature. This optimizes apex turning and enables the driver to do burnouts or other car enthusiast tricks.

Hard Cut Rev Limiter – Our calibration utilizes a fuel cut strategy without reducing the airflow/boost request. This produces a rev-limiter that engages on-time and is extremely effective. Bouncing off the rev limiter during an acceleration pull does not reduce the boost request, allowing the car to quickly get back in the race.

Pops n’ Bangs – Car enthusiasts love the sound of crackles and burbles coming from the exhaust. With an Ideal calibration, we retard the late ignition during fuel-cut over run delay in order to amplify the sound of pops and bangs. The feature is limited to control excessive EGTs generated from this strategy.

Exhaust Flaps – The exhaust flaps are re-tuned in dynamic(DNA) and normal settings during full load operation to produce a consistent and predictable back pressure for excellent boost control and smooth power delivery. The exhaust flaps are kept closed during targeted speed/load points that generate irritating exhaust drone.

Clone services included in regular tune price at no additional cost – contact us for more information.


Carbon Fiber Intake System


(Compatible with Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio MY2017+)

The Ideal Race carbon fiber intake system was designed and prototyped using CAD, 3D scanning, and 3D printing technology.   Dyno proven 20whp peak gains and as much as 35whp at 7400rpm.   The system utilizes the factory air ducting to the air filters to provide the air filters with fresh high pressure air supply (same as the factory design).    Large K&N air filters and massive carbon inlet tubes eliminate the factory airbox and tube restrictions.   The design also fixes a factory intake design – that also helps the intakes pick up power.    A TIG welded stainless steel bracket is used to mount the factory engine cover.    Does not throw a CEL and doesn’t require a tune, but is recommended.

Below you can see detailed carbon work and several intakes being cleaned and polished during packaging.

The carbon fiber intake system comes complete with genuine K&N air filters, couplers, clamps, engine cover mount, and all necessary hardware.   Each tube is thoroughly cleaned and individually wrapped before packaging.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio MY2017+ and Stelvio Quadrifoglio MY2018+  $1,599


Stainless Steel High Flow Downpipes


(Compatible with Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio MY2017+)

Ideal downpipes are American made and hand crafted using high quality stainless steel. With meticulous finish work and TIG welds, they feature CNC machined (corrosion resistant) 304 Stainless Steel v-band flanges that mate and index precisely into the factory turbine discharge housing. The tubes are CNC bent, high quality 3” diameter tubing.

The downpipes have excellent placement within the vehicle, due to our 3D scanning of the OEM downpipes and CAD models to optimize flow path and fitment.

Our downpipes have the lightest weight on the market and come in 4 different configurations:

GESI Ultra High Flow Catalysts, with an OEM exhaust connection. $1,449

GESI Ultra High Flow Catalysts, with a 3” outlet (requires fabrication to create a FULL 3” exhaust system) $1,399

Catless RACE ONLY downpipes with an OEM exhaust connection. $849

Catless RACE ONLY Downpipes with a 3” outlet (requires fabrication to create a FULL 3” exhaust system)  $799

Billet Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms (RUCAs)


When lowering Alfa Romeo vehicles, the rear suspension geometry is altered. This requires an alignment adjustment to get the vehicle back to OEM specifications, or to your performance specifications.  This adjustment consequently alters the toe.  Ideal Race’s Billet Adjustable RUCA kit enables camber and toe adjustments to your exact specifications.

Our RUCAs are CAD designed and 5 axis CNC machined using 6061 Aluminum, shot peened, and then hard anodized black. They employ a double adjuster with a pair of jam nuts, allowing easy adjustment while on the alignment rack without removing the wheel!

We use the highest quality performance rod end from FK Rod Ends. On a lowered vehicle, the adjuster has range to run 0 degrees of camber and 0 toe-out (drag race alignment), -2.5 degrees of camber with a 1/8” of toe-in (trackduty alignment), or -1.5 degrees of camber and 0 toe-out (for cruising). Save your $1,500+ high-performance tires with a proper alignment using Ideal Race’s Billet Adjustable RUCAs.

They fit ALL Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio models from MY2017+ $599 

Front Camber Adjustment Kit (ALL Giulia and Stelvio)  

Need a way to quickly and accurately adjust your front camber in your Giulia or Stelvio?    This kit was designed to make the installation and adjustment of your front camber easy and fast!    The kit allows for camber adjustment up to nearly -3.0 degrees of camber with lowered vehicles.    Using 5 different thickness laser cut stainless steel shims – you can make up to 25 different shim combinations to get your precise camber that you desire.   Each shim thickness has a unique shape; allowing you to quickly identify the shim thickness.   The high quality ARP studs, washers, and nuts are made from 8740 Chromoly.  The CNC machined stainless steel spacer evenly distributes the clamping force to the lower control arm mount and allows for the use of NO shims or ALL of the shims.   Installs in less than one hour with basic tools. 

The kits come with an installation tool, instructions, recommended camber/shim settings for street and track use, and a toe adjustment guide.   

The kit fits ALL Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio models from MY2017+ $249  


Hybrid Turbo Upgrade (2.9L TT all years) – STILL In Development – adding more components!  

Carbon Fiber Intake System for 2.0L Turbo – In Development

Downpipe for 2.0L Giulia – v2 testing – hopefully going to production soon.                

ECU Tune for Giulia and Stelvio 2.0L Turbo MY2017+ & Jeep Wrangler 2.0L Turbo – In Development

please contact eric@idealrace.com for sales information.toe 

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