Month: December 2020

Nov/December Update

In November we made some significant progress on 2020 Alfa Romeo ECU calibration.   We have a BETA tune that we’re testing with a close customer.  The downpipes and intakes were installed on the 2020 – which resulted in a few intake components needing to be manufactured.   The intake and tune should be available the first of the year.   Development on the 2018 Stelvio QV tune has begun in December.   We’re excited for the Stelvio dyno results and performance data.   The shop setup continues – Alabama Power put in the overhead 3 phase power and Thompson Electric is currently working on hooking it up to the shop.   The 3 phase power will be used to run the 3 massive dyno fans.    In the time waiting for the power to be connected the large backwards incline dyno fan has been torn apart, rebuilt, improved, painted, and put back together.    Local General Contractor Randy Smith with be doing the grading and concrete work – keep yer peepers peepin for pictures of the concrete work on FB and IG.    Product development has been in high gear this month.  Thank you for your support during the Thanksgiving holiday/Black Friday/Cyber Monday – we appreciate your business.   Have a Merry Christmas    – Ideal Race Development

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